1,000 Footsteps of the Disappeared

Aug 31, 2023 - 12:00

1,000 Footsteps of the Disappeared
event type: Community
location: Brno Main Train Station, 5th platform

The event pays tribute to the tragic events associated with the first Brno transport, known as Transport F, which departed from Platform 5 of the Main Station on 16 November 1941, destined for the Minsk ghetto. Out of the thousand Jewish individuals included in this transport, only thirteen managed to survive. The event is preceded by the unveiling of a new memorial on Platform 5, dedicated to the victims of the Brno transports to concentration and extermination camps.

The event entails a four-hour experience, combining visual and auditory elements, within the space. This unique encounter allows the participants to perceive the fluctuating frequencies of time – the juxtaposition of heightened activity and absolute stillness, merging into a timeless dimension. This tangible association with specific individuals from Brno emphasizes the profound loss suffered by these residents, making it palpable for the audience.