A Slight Loss of Loneliness - author's reading and discussion with Eli Beneš

Nov 26, 2023 - 18:00

A Slight Loss of Loneliness - author's reading and discussion with Eli Beneš
event type: Community
místo: Café of the Institut Memory of Nation Brno

The hero of Eli Beneš's novel A Slight Loss of Loneliness (Nepatrná ztráta osamělosti, Akropolis, 2023) is a Jewish boy who survives the concentration camp and the death march and returns to his native Prague at the end of his mental and physical strength. But it is May 1945, people are joyfully celebrating the end of the war, and the return of shadows from the past is not fitting in this optimistic time. This evocative and suspenseful narration of a dark period in history is not just another Holocaust story, but a historically faithful document of subsequent events about which little has been written. The book will be on sale on site.

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