About Us

ŠTETL was established as a centre for Jewish culture with the aim of preparing and implementing a year-round programme of Jewish-themed events for the general public. It was founded in 2021 by the Brno Jewish Community, Eva Yildizová and Štěpán Menashe Kliment. The association is primarily dedicated to organizing ŠTETL FEST, an annual international festival of Jewish culture which takes place in Brno on the first weekend of September. In addition, ŠTETL also co-organizes the KOLNOA Israeli Film Festival, held every year in Prague in October.

Throughout the year ŠTETL prepares regular guided tours of the Brno synagogue, the local Jewish cemetery and key buildings designed by Jewish architects. The association also organizes concerts, author readings, exhibitions, and theatre performances. In addition to functioning as an information hub for Jewish-themed events, the ŠTETL website provides an extensive lexicon of terminology linked to Judaism. For even greater insight, Hebrew language courses are organized by the Brno Jewish Community library. The association cooperates closely with both the Brno Jewish Community and the Jewish Museum in Prague and its Brno branch. ŠTETL is dedicated to working with and within the public space, interconnecting cultural institutions and coordinating the utilization of buildings and places associated with Jewish Brno. 

ŠTETL mission statement: 

  • ŠTETL is a centre for Jewish culture serving the general public as well as functioning as a space for education, dialogue, and inspiration.

  • ŠTETL initiates cultural projects and festivals.

  • ŠTETL collaborates with key institutions, contemporary artists, and other public figures.


ID: 14021447
Třída Kpt. Jaroše 1922/3, Brno 602 00
Account No.: 123-5737740217/0100
Email: info@stetl.cz



Eva Yildizová

Festival director


Jáchym Kanarek

Chairman of the Brno Jewish Community


Štěpán Menaše Kliment

Rabbi of the Brno Jewish Community

Our team

Eva Petláková

Head of production


Barbora Dočkalová

Head of the ŠTETL center of Jewish culture


Iva Komárková


Hana Němečková

Production manager

Kristýna Zubčáková

Lecturer of Hebrew, tour guide


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