Arnost Goldflam: Haunted Brno | Author's reading and art workshop

May 21, 2023 - 15:00

Arnost Goldflam: Haunted Brno | Author's reading and art workshop
event type: Community
location: Hroznová street, villa Stiassni

Almost every monument or place in Brno has its scary stories - and few know them as well as Arnošt Goldflam. When he was a child living in Brno, he used to make up all sorts of adventurous and scary stories and then told his parents that he had really experienced them, and often thought he had. We will learn directly from the author of the book Haunted Brno what secrets are hidden in the astronomical clock on Svobody Square, the park in Lužánky or the Capuchin Monastery, and then we will portray them in a children's workshop with illustrator Petra Goldflamová Štětinová.

Free reading/ workshop 60 CZK payment on the spot

The unforgettable writer and author of theatre and radio plays, Arnošt Goldflam was born after the war, but his Jewish origins and the holocaust had a significant impact on his life and work. He deals with them in his dramatic and prose works with exaggeration and sensitive humour. Goldflam's personal story shows a tenacity and a desire for authenticity. He tried his hand at medical studies, worked as a laborer, and became interested in fine art, printmaking, and ceramics. After graduating in directing from JAMU, he worked at the Satirical Theatre Večerní Brno, Theatre X and especially at HaDivadlo.