Bar Mitzvah – a beer with a rabbi

Mar 25, 2024 - 18:00

Bar Mitzvah – a beer with a rabbi
event type: Community
místo: Goose on a String Theatre, Zelný trh 9, prová

beer included in the price

The most joyous Jewish holiday is a great opportunity to invite Rabbi Štěpán Menashe Kliment, the rabbi of the Jewish Community of Brno, for a beer and learn how it is with the Purim mitzvah to get so drunk that one cannot tell the difference between the blessed Mordechai and the cursed Haman. Come to the bar of the Theatre of the Goose on a String to ask what rabbis drink, how much kosher wine is still kosher, or whatever you can think of on the topic of Judaism's relationship to alcohol.

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