David Dorůžka, Robert Fischmann, and Martin Novák

Sep 3, 2023 - 14:00

David Dorůžka, Robert Fischmann, and Martin Novák
event type: Concert
místo: Old Town Hall, Radnická street 8

Concert of Jewish songs in an unconventional spirit

The trio, consisting of guitarist David Dorůžka, flutist and singer Robert Fischmann, and percussionist Martin Novák, was formed in late 2020 with the intention of exploring and expanding Jewish musical traditions from various regions of Europe and the Middle East. However, this new group stands out due to its remarkably original concept and sound. They employ unconventional instrumentation and approach more traditional material with a sense of artistic freedom. As a result, their music effortlessly blends liturgical Hasidic chants from Eastern Europe with melodies from medieval Spain, and Ashkenazi songs in Yiddish coexist with influences from the New York downtown scene. The trio will present a live performance of their debut album, which incorporates themes and melodies associated with Jewish holidays throughout the year.

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