Guided tour of the Brno Jewish cemetery

Dec 17, 2023 - 10:00

Guided tour of the Brno Jewish cemetery
event type: edu
místo: Nezamyslova street 27

From its foundation in 1852 until the present day, the Jewish cemetery in Brno-Židenice has served its purpose. On an area of 3 hectares, over 11,400 people are laid to rest here. Among the people buried here are personalities from the fields of politics, culture, science, economy and religion, such as Rabbis Baruch Placzek and Richard Feder, journalist Hieronymus Lorm, philanthropist Heinrich Gomperz, actor Hugo Haas, prima ballerina Alice Flachová and psychologist Vera Capponi. The guided tour will explain the history of the cemetery and the fate of the members of prominent factory and industrial families buried there, as well as the traditions and customs of Jewish burial.

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