Jewish Identity in Photography – Exhibition opening

Aug 29, 2024 - 14:00

Jewish Identity in Photography – Exhibition opening
event type: Theme
místo: Franz Kafka Špitál, Koliště street 43

Exhibition opening of photographs by Jindřich Štreit, Jindřich Buxbaum, Nachi Weiss and Hana Němečková

Through the works of four photographers, the exhibition seeks answers to personal questions that share a common denominator: Jewish identity in artistic creation. Is Jewish identity so essential to the authors that viewers can immediately read it in their work, or is it more about a certain sensitivity and themes chosen by the authors? Jindřich Štreit presents his world of images in a subjective documentary often with a strong social appeal. Nachi Weiss and Jindřich Buxbaum, based on their Jewish identity, choose reportage topics where their personality is reflected in the approach to documenting the given situation. The visual key to Hana Němečková's dreamlike photographs is mainly known to the author herself, leaving a wide field for interpretation to the viewer.

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