Lag ba-omer in villa Stiassni

Jun 2, 2024 - 16:00

Lag ba-omer in villa Stiassni
event type: Community
místo: Vila Stiassni, Hroznová street 14

Why is there archery on Lag ba-omer and what does the rainbow have to do with it? Come find out and try it out at a family afternoon in the garden of Villa Stiassni!

There will be an original fairy tale directed by Jiří Jelínek, creative workshops, talks about traditions, Israeli dances, and most importantly a lag ba-omer fire on which we will roast something delicious.

16:00 Golem, a fairy tale
16:30 - 18:00 creative workshop, archery
17:00 What is a lag ba-omer?
17:30 Demonstration and workshop of Israeli dances with the Miriam group
18:00 fire

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