Process: Kafka Band

Sep 1, 2024 - 18:00

Process: Kafka Band
event type: Concert
místo: Goose on a String Theatre, Zelný trh 9, provázek.dvůr

Kafka Band is a unique musical formation, which is backed by writer Jaroslav Rudiš, artist Jaromír 99 and musician Dušan Neuwerth. The band, which was created by combining literature, music and theatre, has become a phenomenon on the Czech and European music scene thanks to its novel interpretation of Franz Kafka's works. Their lyrics move between German, Czech and English, the themes being deep-rooted guilt and the desire for justice. After the albums Castle (2014) and America (2019), Process, released in 2023, completes an imaginary trilogy that combines audiovisual elements, music and literature to bring the ideas of Kafka's work to life.

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