The Architecture of Endre Steiner in Brno

Sep 30, 2023 - 23:59

The Architecture of Endre Steiner in Brno
event type: Community
místo: Alpha Passage

Opening of the exhibition


The Jewish architect André (Endre) Steiner lived and worked in Brno and many of his buildings still stand in Brno today. During WWII, he was a member of the illegal organization Working Group in Slovakia which helped him save over 7,000 Jews from being transported to concentration camps. The organization was also behind the Plan Europe, which aimed to end the Holocaust. Despite the fact that Steiner’s work is an inseparable part of Brno history, despite the fact that his heroic activity saved thousands of human lives, his story and name have almost been forgotten. In August 2023, he would have celebrated the 115th birthday.

The documentation of Brno houses designed by Steiner in photographs by Kateřina Rusňáková will be exhibited in the Alfa Passage, where Steiner lived and had his office.

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