The Jew belongs in the Café

Mar 18, 2024 - 17:00

The Jew belongs in the Café
event type: Community
místo: Zeman's Café and Confectionery, Josefská 4

dessert or coffee included in the price

Karel Poláček had already said this, and the Brno Jewish community took his words to heart. In the interwar period, establishments such as Café Savoy and others became centres of social, artistic and business gatherings in Brno, as well as venues for historical events, as in the case of Café Esplanade. We will meet with researcher Michal Doležel over coffee and cake in the longest-running café in Brno. Sedláček's Café and Patisserie was built in 1937 to a design by the Jewish architect Vítězslav Korn, and is thus an ideal setting for a glimpse into Brno's café scene between the world wars.

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