The Power of Humanity

May 5, 2024 - 19:00

The Power of Humanity
event type: movie
místo: Vila Stiassni, Hroznová street 14 – Lecture Centre

documentary film, Czech Republic / Slovakia, 2002, 64 min
Directed by: Matej Mináč
Starring: Nicholas Winton, Václav Havel, Simon Wiesenthal

In 1939, Nicholas Winton, on his own initiative, rescued 669 mostly Jewish children during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and managed to transport them across the border to Great Britain from Nazi Germany. He remained silent about his great deed for an incredible 50 years. Nicholas Winton died in 2015 at the incredible age of 106 and is known as the British Schindler. The documentary is narrated by Joe Schlesinger, a reporter for the Canadian television station CBS, who is one of Winton's rescued children. The stories of the rescued children are interspersed with Nicholas Winton's narration and recollections, period documentary and archival footage. Towards the end of the film we witness a moving scene when Nicholas Winton is reunited with his children after many years. Winner of the 2002 International Emmy Award for Best Documentary.

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