The Story of a Book – a morning performance with a lecturer's introduction

Jun 25, 2024 - 10:00

The Story of a Book – a morning performance with a lecturer's introduction
event type: Theatre
místo: Vila Löw-Beer, Drobného street 22

The story of the Strach family from Brno grows out of the story of a book confiscated in Terezín, rediscovered and returned to the family. The book's quiet narrative about the fate of its owners deafens the world with its historical, involuntary and tragic simplicity.

The lecturer's introduction will outline the history and present of the so-called Library of Stolen Hopes, a collection of 12,000 liturgical books that came from Nazi-ordered removals from synagogues, concentration camps, and especially the so-called Terezin Library.

One of these was Cornelius Strach's Machzor, which inspired the performance The Story of a Book.

Directed and written: Hana Mikolášková, Story: Angela Strach, Dramaturgy: Eva Petláková, Costumes: Sylva Zimula Hanáková, Music: Ivan Acher, Actors: Miroslav Sýkora, Kateřina Veselá, Kateřina Hoferová, Zdislava Začalová, Ester Yildizová, Eliáš Kliment

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