Uncle Leo’s Adventures

Sep 2, 2023 - 14:00

Uncle Leo’s Adventures
event type: Theatre
místo: Vila Löw-Beer, Drobného street 22

Reading from children’s books featuring Alan Novotný and Lukáš Hejlík

Uncle Leo is not your typical uncle; he is a magical uncle who spins extraordinary tales. And his stories are far from ordinary too... Uncle Ludwig has encountered wizards, ventured into the Opposite Kingdom where people walk on their hands, and narrowly escaped death with the help of his four hairs! But that’s not all! Join Uncle Ludwig on a journey to the clouds, where you’ll befriend giants, battle ghosts, and perhaps even gain some valuable insights about life.

Alan Novotný a Lukáš Hejlík read excerpts from books by Yannets Levi in the Listování (Browsing) series.


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