Cleaning the Stones of the Disappeared

Nov 9, 2023 - 14:00

Cleaning the Stones of the Disappeared
event type: Community
místo: Brno

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, we want to honour the memory of the former inhabitants of Brno who did not survive the Second World War. There are nearly 300 Stones of the Disappeared in the streets of the city, commemorating the last address of those who involuntarily made the journey of no return. Almost all of them have a patron - a volunteer who takes care of a particular stone and keeps it clean. Together with the Institute of Memory of the Nation Brno we are preparing a mass volunteer event. We invite you to clean your adopted Stones of the Disappeared, take a photo and post it on social networks during Thursday, November 9. Together we will bring to life stories that should not be forgotten.

We will have free wire wools for you to clean the Stones at the Institut of Memory of the Nation Café from 1 to 9 November. Anyone can pick up a wire wool and clean stones throughout the year even on your travels.

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