Following the history of Franz Kafka Hospital

Aug 29, 2024 - 18:00

Following the history of Franz Kafka Hospital
event type: edu
místo: Franz Kafka Špitál, Koliště street 43

guided tour of the building

The building on Koliště was built in 1913 as the Workers' Accident Insurance Company for Moravia and Silesia. Writer Franz Kafka worked at its Prague headquarters and communicated with the Brno management. As we can read in Kafka's diaries, towards the end of his life, he wanted to move to Brno. The adjacent Accident Hospital was built by the insurance company’s management to have specialized teams of doctors reduce treatment costs for 800,000 insured. The first patient entered on May 8th, 1933. At that time, the New Synagogue still stood in the courtyard. Historian Pavel Paleček will introduce visitors to the history of the originally Art Nouveau building, which also includes a museum exhibit dedicated to the history of the Brno community.

duration: 60 min.

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