Man on the Edge of Freedom

Sep 2, 2023 - 20:30

Man on the Edge of Freedom
event type: Concert
místo: Vila Tugendhat, Černopolní street 45

Concert by Jiří M. Procházka, compositions by important authors working across the period of Nazi and Communist terror, accompanied by Jan Hanák.

The concert Man on the Edge of Freedom is a cultural and social initiative presented by the duo IndiviDual (Jiří Hrubý – piano, Jiří M. Procházka – vocal). The program is curated to showcase the compositions of five significant 20th-century artists who created their works during the oppressive periods of Nazi and Communist totalitarianism. The featured composers include Pavel Haas, Dmitri Shostakovich, Viktor Ullmann, Moisei Samuilovich Vainberg, and Jan Zahradníček. This concert serves as a testament to the delicate nature of freedom and the stifling oppression that individuals and society faced under the totalitarian regimes of the past century. It highlights the artists’ harrowing experiences and their unwavering desire to live, create, grow internally, think, and express themselves. Through their emotional testimonies, the concert resonates with contemporary audiences and serves as a chilling reflection on the horrors endured by the composers. The evening will be guided by Jan Hanák, a priest, documentary filmmaker, and editor-in-chief of Radio Proglas.

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