Returns to Brno

Aug 29, 2024 - 13:00

Returns to Brno
event type: Theme
místo: Rybářská street 13/15

discussion with descendants of the Bloch family

The Bloch family originally came from Rousínov and moved to Brno in the mid-19th century to establish a leather goods manufacturing company. Their family business and life stories remained tied to Brno until 1939. It was only during World War II and Nazi persecution that they were forced to leave their home and were deported to concentration camps. This year, descendants of this once-significant Brno family will come to the ŠTETL FEST from various parts of the world. Together with them, we will visit places connected to their origins, and during a moderated discussion, we will reflect on the traumas, experiences, and memories of Brno and their roots. The discussion will take place at Rybářská Street 13, in the premises of the Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT, where the E. Bloch & Söhne company was located. The discussion will be led by the historian of the Brno City Museum, Michal Doležel, and German historian Ines Koeltzsch.

duration: 90 min.

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