The Bloch Family in Brno

Aug 29, 2024 - 11:00

The Bloch Family in Brno
event type: Theme
místo: Hlinky street 120

The story of the Bloch family, who came to Brno from today's Rousínov around the mid-19th century, is closely connected not only with the city's history and its multicultural society but also with the experiences of Central European Jews before and after emancipation. Michal Doležel will elucidate the generations of the family against the backdrop of the changing urban society and the architectural legacy they left in Brno. Inez Koeltzsch will focus on the history of the women from the Bloch family, who engaged in active civic life before and after World War I. She will also present the poet Lene Bloch (later Panofsky or Herrmann), who captured her youthful experiences in Brno in her work. Historian Ines Koeltzsch specializes in the history of Jewish-non-Jewish relations in Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. She works at the Wiener Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies and teaches at CEU in Vienna. Researcher and popularizer of Brno's history, Michal Doležel, has long been involved in the preservation and restoration of architecturally valuable buildings.

duration: 90 min.

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