The Forgotten Lives of Our Neighbours

Oct 8, 2023 - 17:00

The Forgotten Lives of Our Neighbours
event type: Community
místo: Vila Engelsmann, 112 Hlinky Street

LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Experience three days of the life of the villa at 112 Hlinky Street and attend three different gatherings. In June 1932, Felix Engelsman, a Jewish factory owner from Brno, moved into the house when his business was thriving. As one of the invited guests at the housewarming party, you can discuss the plans of Brno’s Jewish business elite, as well as contemporary political, cultural, and sports issues. However, not even nine years had passed when Felix Engelsman and his friends and colleagues met to secretly discuss whether the cession of the Sudetenland to the Third Reich was really enough for Hitler, and whether anti-Semitic measures implemented in Germany would also be enforced in Czechoslovakia. Should they stay and hope that the country could withstand its neighbour’s pressure? Or should they consider emigrating to the West or to British Palestine? The historical period you will enter at the villa will take place in the late 1950s, when the property was already under state ownership, and the state showed little interest in returning it to the persecuted Jews.

LARP (Live Action Role Play) is an experiential program based on the concept of role-playing involving real and fictional characters. Participants have the opportunity to assume the roles of both actors and the audience. With guidance from the facilitators, they immerse themselves in the action and engage in improvisation on various contemporary themes.

Themed refreshments are included.

The duration: 2.5 hours.

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