What Does a Rebbetzin's Life Look Like?

Sep 3, 2023 - 15:00

What Does a Rebbetzin's Life Look Like?
event type: edu
místo: Vila Löw-Beer, Drobného street 22

Discussion with the wives of rabbis

Rebbetzin (in Yiddish רביצין) or Rabbanit (Hebrew רַבָּנִית) is the title or address of the rabbi's wife, in fact "Mrs. Rabbi." Although the term did not exist in ancient Judaism, its occurrence in medieval and early modern Central and Eastern Europe suggests that the wives of rabbis often occupied an important position in Jewish society arising not only from their husbands' religious role but also from their own activities. What is the situation today? And what is it actually like to be a rabbi's wife? Journalist and Catholic priest Jan Hanák will talk to Kateřina Klimentová and Jonah Sidon about how they perceive their mission and tasks as rebbetzins.

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